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Holiday Light Installation

Holiday Light Installation, Residential/Commercial, Open 7 days a week, Fast & Affordable


How Holiday Installation and Lighting Works.

  • Design & Price – Our professional designers have an in-depth talk with you and explain the process of our Holiday Light Installation Service. We give you design suggestions based on what your vision is for your home or business. We go over all the pricing for the type of lighting you want.
  • Product - As part of the program, we supply commercial-grade LED or Traditional Christmas lighting. From roof lights to tree lights, we give you the best quality Christmas lights and Holiday lighting service available. You pay exactly what you would if you personally walked in the store and purchased them yours, taking one less stressful thing off your shoulders.
  • Installation - Clear N' Bright Holiday Lighting has been in business for 25 years, however, began installing Christmas lights in 2005. With our years of experience, we ensure your Christmas lights are installed correctly, safely and exactly how you want your lights to look.
  • Maintenance - We cannot guarantee your bulbs won't go out, unfortunately it is a manufacturer issue. However, we can say the lighting industry has come a long way in providing the best possible lights. LED lights stand up to Washington's weather and stay lit longer than the traditional bulbs.
  • Take down - At the end of the holiday season, you do not need to face the cold or climb ladders to take down your outdoor lighting display. We will come out and take down the lights at the start of the New Year. If you want to leave your display up lonbger, let us know and we'll schedule your take down for a later date. We charge up to half the cost of the install to take them down. If you bought your lights through Clear N' Bright, we tag all the custom lines and put them away neatly for the next years install.

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C9 Clear Incandescent traditional lighting

Multi color C3 & C7 LED lighting

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